Inter American University Bayamón Campus


The Success Center is committed to help STEM students achieve academic and career success through a supportive, proactive and innovative program. We intend to develop the skills and mindset of students empowering them to become independent, active learners. We aim to achieve this mission through student-centered services such as tutoring, academic coaching and student support. By achieving this mission, we will enhance student retention, graduation and ultimately put them on the path to accomplishing their professional goals.


  • Create an open and responsive environment to encourage student success.
  • Develop the skills and attitudes needed to understanding of the process of learning to achieve academic and career goals.
  • Collaborate with the campus community to promote student persistence, retention and graduation.
  • Provide academic and career counseling focused on planning and achieving student academic and professional goals.
  • Empower students to take responsibility for their academic and professional development.